Business Partner Spotlight – Lolly

>>Business Partner Spotlight – Lolly

With the promise of on-premises services opening up very shortly, we’re putting the Spotlight on Lolly, one of our Business Partners, who are working with venues to offer an integrated, scalable Point of Sale system that is able to grow with your business and will maximise takings during busy periods with pre-order applications.

Peter Moore, owner and founder of Lolly, tells us how they support the hospitality sector.

Why was Lolly created?

Lolly, formerly known as Consolis, was formed after I sold another business. I was planning to take a step back from business management, but instead I saw an opportunity to make a positive impact with technology in the hospitality sector. I also decided I wasn’t ready to hang up my boots.

Tell us a little more about how you help hospitality businesses.

Our mission is to take state of the art technology and make it accessible, simple and highly agile for the corporate catering and hospitality space.

We deliver innovative PoS, payment and technology solutions to businesses of all sizes across the UK; from large corporate catering facilities and stadia, to pubs, restaurants, coffee shops and festivals.           

Because the Lolly offering is flexible and bespoke, businesses can upgrade easily as they grow, which removes the need for costly installs as business needs become more complex. We make life simpler for hospitality by providing technology for the complete digital journey. Our suite of products spans everything from payments, EPoS and self-serve kiosks, to loyalty and pre-order applications. All of these elements are integrated in real time to a powerful back of house management system. This end-to-end, cloud-based solution makes the point of sale simple and dependable, alongside providing data and efficient management tools that enable businesses to grow.    

What you have been doing to help your clients during the pandemic?

During the pandemic we supported clients by developing new software to support the changing regulations. For the VAT reduction rate, we built new software to allow flexible VAT reconciliation when applicable on a customer’s Lolly system.

We also built a new application for retailers so they could get money back from the government during the Eat Out to Help Out scheme. Both of these were part of the Lolly service with no extra cost for retailers – helping them save precious time and money during this testing time.

We have also been extremely busy preparing our clients for post-pandemic. I think we’re all anticipating busier times ahead. Our team has been creating and implementing relevant technologies that are accessible for businesses of all sizes and will help support social distancing measures, and reopening. We have had a real focus on helping our clients to be as economical as possible, whilst enabling them to focus on faster throughput.           

Technology adoption has massively accelerated during the pandemic and as a result, we expect our clients to be well prepared and ready to welcome customers.

What is your business aim for 2022?

To have expanded our offering to deliver our services even more widely across the corporate catering sector.

What trends caused by the pandemic are here to stay?

When it comes to technology, these are: pre-order, order at table, order at desk (which is useful in corporate hospitality) – all designed to speed up and improve service, supporting social distancing requirements.

What would your customers say about you?

The Lolly team has a ‘can-do’ attitude and are dedicated to understanding their unique business needs.

They know that Lolly looks after their technology, so they can focus on looking after their customers.          

What’s your biggest success as a business?

Being the preferred supplier for some major corporate catering brands, and as a result, providing our technology to thousands of their hospitality customers.

What do you think makes the hospitality industry so special to work in?

It’s a very challenging environment to work in, and hugely competitive for hospitality providers and suppliers. However, the hospitality sector is progressive and resilient. There are so many brilliant, innovative individuals working across every aspect of the sector – some of whom truly inspire me.

If you could only share one piece of advice for hospitality businesses to help them survive the next year, what would it be?

Focus on having a unique and exciting offering – you need to differentiate yourselves. Don’t be afraid to adapt and to embrace technology.

You are an Institute of Hospitality Business Partner, why did you decide to work with us?

Because we wanted to align ourselves with a prestigious partner. One that could support the work we are doing, and help to communicate our work to the wider industry.

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