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Global recognition for programmes of professional study in hospitality, leisure, tourism, events and related fields.

We provide international recognition to global education providers for programmes of study at craft level through to senior management level.

Accredited programmes demonstrate they meet recognised levels and standards of professional knowledge, skills and understanding, are relevant to the needs of the industry and meet accepted international benchmark standards.

Accreditation helps to promote internationally recognised quality standards, assists in the mobility of labour and facilitates global recruitment. It assists providers in the development, enhancement and improvement of their programmes and quality management systems and helps them to achieve:

  • A competitive advantage
  • International recognition
  • Added value for students
  • Professional membership
  • Professional recognition
  • Quality standards

Accreditation provides an assurance of quality for students and gives them confidence in their selection of:

  • Education provider
  • Programme of study

Entitlements of successful accreditation include:

  • A report detailing the panel findings
  • An accreditation certificate
  • A listing on the accreditation register
  • An accreditation logo to display on certification and marketing materials
  • Professional recognition
  • Publicity and recommendation

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Accredited Programmes

Accreditation Register

Applying for Accreditation

Essential components of an application include details and supporting evidence on:

  • The Programmes
  • The Institution
  • Quality Management Systems

The Professional Review Panel undertake the accreditation review process providing independent expert evaluation. The process does not involve a visit to the provider enabling us to offer a cost-effective quality enhancement and recognition service.

Programmes are normally accredited for a maximum period of five years.

To register your interest please use the form on this page.

Maria Lockwood FIH, Accreditation and Endorsement Manager
DD: +44 (0) 20 8661 4908