What you’ll find in your summer issue of HQ Magazine!

>>What you’ll find in your summer issue of HQ Magazine!

HQ Editor Catherine Chetwynd talks to us about some of the articles included in the new HQ Magazine.

Webinars and virtual meetings have become the norm since the UK and the rest of the world became  locked down in the hope of staying the rampant progress of COVID-19.

Hotels, restaurants, caterers and all elements of hospitality have been badly hit by this but as the summer issue of HQ shows, the industry is battered but unbowed – optimism is an outstanding trait of the sector and its practitioners.

An IoH webinar reflected that characteristic and also showed how organisations are keeping their furloughed staff motivated and continually engaged with the business – quite a feat in the circumstances; and they are also looking at how they can quickly get up and running once lockdown is fully released.

Even outside the stresses and strains of the current COVID-19 induced situation, looking after employees’ health is not just a nice thing to do, it is a must, and we have talked to a number of experts about constructing a wellness programme, what it should contain and how to tell whether people are coping.

And there is coverage of some interesting research into the cruise industry, foodservice, deliveries and food waste.

Particularly apt at the moment is our article on diversity – not a black and white issue, and a summary of the round table IoH hosted with inclusion and diversity specialists, HR people and more, in hospitality.

As I said in the editor’s letter in HQ, these are difficult times and it is uplifting to note the positive attitude of those in the hospitality industry, their concern for their teams and their desire to come out of lockdown stronger and more agile.

Meanwhile, stay healthy and well.

Catherine Chetwynd

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