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Hospitality Quarterly, the magazine for hospitality management professionals

HQ (formerly Hospitality magazineis the Institute of Hospitality’s quarterly management magazine. Written for mid-level and senior managers in all sectors of the industry, HQ magazine strikes the perfect balance between the practical and the theoretical making its content accessible to everyone from CEOs to students. The magazine’s circulation is in excess of 10,000 readers per issue and its pass-on value ensures an even wider distribution.

Hospitality Quarterly Magazine – Second Quarter 2019

HQ Magazine is the Institute of Hospitality’s exclusive membership publication. For our cover story ‘Who is your hero?’ some of our youngest members reveal the inspirational figures that have helped to spark their passion and drive their professionalism.

We can be heroes
Hospitality heroes and heroines come in all roles and from all sectors of the business and you may even be surprised by some of the individuals chosen. When young managers look around them for inspiration they are not likely to look in one place. What young hospitality professionals like is talented people that are prepared to share their insights and abilities. Happily, hospitality has plenty of them.

Z Hotels
We have an in-depth interview with Bev King FIH, one of our newest Fellows and the co-founder of Z Hotels. In his remarkable story, Bev reveals how he has built a successful hotel company from scratch, opening 13 new hotels in some astonishing locations in the space of just eight years. The foundations of the company’s success rest on a very strong record in employee retention and internal promotion and the strongest customer service ethic.

Welcoming staff with disabilities
Find out about the individuals with learning difficulties and other disabilities who are turning their lives around and finding a warm and receptive home in hospitality. We look at examples from The Grand Hotel in Folkestone and Moor Hotel & Spa in Sutton Coldfield. Providing employment and support to a person with visible or hidden disabilities is often easier and much more rewarding than businesses might think.

Also in this issue:

  • Soft & hard skills – why it’s important to showcase both on your CV
  • Yukari Iguchi FIH explores the reasons behind Japan’s extraordinary success in turning out thousands of talented chefs
  • Peter Russell MIH looks into artificial intelligence and provides advice on how and when to adopt it
  • Adam Rowledge FIH says that feedback is a gift but we should listen to our employees just as much as our customers
  • Deborah Heather MIH speaks out about the dangers of overlooking security protocols
  • Jill Whittaker FIH says attitudes to hospitality careers are changing for the better and management apprenticeships are helping
  • Caroline Benjamin MIH reports from a Food Allergy Mock Trial event that drove home the importance of getting allergen management right. Hospitality operators found the event innovative, entertaining and informative.
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