What to expect inside your new issue of HQ Magazine

>>What to expect inside your new issue of HQ Magazine

HQ Editor Catherine Chetwynd talks to us about some of the articles you can expect to find inside the new HQ Magazine… available this week!

As the restrictions of lockdown are eased and the hospitality industry prepares to welcome guests again, general manager of Champneys Robert Ledward-Smith FIH looks at what it takes to motivate staff who have spent months on furlough.

The man who led the NHS Food Review Phil Shelley FIH talks about what it took to examine kitchens and catering in an organisation the size of the National Health Service, and with another take on things medical is Rupy Aujla, who brought culinary medicine to the UK.

We also report on a webinar about the impact of climate change on the global food supply. John Porter looks at the increasing popularity of low and no alcohol drinks and Jane Peyton MIH gives insight into matching beer with food.

And we celebrate the five hospitality bodies who have for the first time combined to create CareerScope, a portal that hosts advice and guidance for people looking for jobs in hospitality.

The new issue of HQ Magazine will be available to download via IoH Connect this week. Members who have downloaded our IoH Connect app will get a notification when its ready to read.