What to expect inside the next issue of HQ Magazine

>>What to expect inside the next issue of HQ Magazine

HQ Editor Catherine Chetwynd talks to us about some of the articles included in the new HQ Magazine.

Once again, this issue reflects the astonishing positivity and versatility shown by the sector.

What I Look Forward to When This Is All Over is an excellent example of this ability to see beyond the immediate gloom and approach 2021 with warmth and energy – and most of those who contributed to this article, are also looking forward to hugging their friends and colleagues.

Foodservice has also shown itself to be able to react on a handbrake turn, whether serving business & industry, the NHS or the forces; and we look at the meetings industry and note that hybrid gatherings are already planned for this year.

We have looked at the technology – old and new – deployed by the industry to attract and retain business, but there is no hospitality without the human race, and in this issue we run the first of some profiles of unseen jobs, starting with the head gardener at Regents University, whose grounds are testimony to his and his team’s skills.

The new issue of HQ Magazine will be available to download via IoH Connect this month. Members who have downloaded our IoH Connect app will get a notification when its ready to read.