Take part in trial of new energy-saving app

>>Take part in trial of new energy-saving app

The third phase of a UK Government-funded energy efficiency trial is underway. A new web tool is providing businesses with context and comparative feedback on their energy use across the retail, hospitality and schools sectors.

The tool – called E-CAT (Energy Comparison and Advice Tool) – presents smart meter data in intuitive and informative ways to provide comparative benchmarking feedback. It also incudes a library of tailored energy saving measures.

One takeaway food business that has been trialling E-CAT said it made staff “more careful” about their energy consumption and inspired them to start switching lights off more regularly, keep fridge doors closed and ensure the ventilation system remains clean. By following these simple tips, the business says it has reduced bills by £20 per month, amounting to potential savings of up to £240 a year.

The manager of a group of three hotels, commented: “The stats are very helpful. To be able to calculate cost per food cover or per room cover would be very useful. The ‘potential saving’ as well is a good incentive. I would certainly go back and look at the energy saving recomendations.”

The Government says that smart meters are being rolled out to homes, small businesses and schools across Great Britain as part of a vital national infrastructure upgrade. They help consumers take control of their energy use, saving them money and are the cornerstone for the country having a much smarter and more efficient energy system in the future.

Participants in the trials are paid £30 for taking part, and a further £20 for providing feedback on the tool and their experience of using it. Users across the retail (including shops, showrooms, hairdressers, etc.) and hospitality (pubs, cafés, restaurants, hotels) sectors are eligible, as are all schools. You do not need a smart meter to participate as energy monitoring equipment is provided.

Recruitment to the trials is on-going, but limited to 200 participants.
If your business would like to take part in the trial please register your interest at: e-cat-support@element-energy.co.uk

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