Is UK hospitality education buckling under pressure?

>>Is UK hospitality education buckling under pressure?

The Institute of Hospitality has never been political in any way, and that is not about to change.


By now I hope you have read the recent issue of HQ magazine, and the article by Professor Peter Jones FIH detailing the worrying trend in hospitality education. Now is the time to share this with your local candidates and ask them what they will do to reverse the trends that are so damaging to our Industry. Tell them how important hospitality is to the constituency – supporting local government through property tax and national government through every other tax. Tell them how many people are employed in your organisation.

Please go here to download a PDF of the article, this is an opportunity to fly the flag for our great Industry.

Once the elections are over and our new parliamentarians are in post we’ll be repeating the exercise. Your support of this initiate is very much appreciated.

Download the full article here
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