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Hope & Glory® is an independent, privately-owned ethical tea company devoted to transforming the experience of tea. Based in Hertfordshire, we dedicate all our energies to restoring the GLORY days of tea and tea drinking in Britain. To us, a seriously good (healthy and delicious) cup of tea stands for everything that was great, is great and can be great about life and living in Britain. Thus, we produce only premium, organic, hand-picked, whole-leaf teas, tisanes and tea-related ware – supporting all our partners to create the very best tea experiences for their guests and clients and discerning food lovers.

Our founders Nina and Bharat Chudasama launched Hope & Glory® teas in 2016. The collections are 100% sustainable, and personally selected from hand-picked tea gardens using traditional / orthodox methods to cultivate and process their teas. Nina and Bharat will only work with gardens that are ethical, and that can demonstrate their respect for the land and people. We wish to work with partners who want to grow their business through tea and, like us, educate customers on what great tea is about.

Hope & Glory® teas and tea blends come in four unique collections: robust and strong Classic (English Breakfast, Assam); smooth and caffeine-free Nurturing (Peppermint, Chamomile, Rooibos); fragrant and light Delicate (Darjeeling, Chaqouing Green, Jasmine Pearls); and Signature blends Masala Chai and Red Velvet. The teas themselves are available in two formats: loose leaf and pyramid tea bags. Between them Hope & Glory® teas have been awarded no less than 8 Great Taste stars from the Guild of Fine Food in just 2 years.

In 2019, we launched our industry-leading new range of elegant, 100% recyclable packaging, in colours that reflect our different collections while delivering our continued commitment to the world we live in.

At Hope & Glory® we truly believe that where there is tea, there is hope!

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