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Davenport Solicitors is an award winning law firm, dealing with legal issues relating to people in the workplace. Our expertise ranges from employment, HR to corporate immigration.

Our lawyers advise employees and employers in the hospitality sector on a range of HR, Employment law and corporate Immigration matters, including but not limited to the following: drafting contractual employment documents including employment contracts and staff handbooks, negotiating exit packages and advising on settlement agreements, advising on internal disciplinary/grievance matters, advice on applying for a Sponsorship licence, acting as a SMS level 1 or 2 user, advising on Tier 1 and Tier 2 visas and representation at the Employment Tribunal.

Davenport Solicitors was born out of the passion of helping businesses succeed and empowering them, so they could have the confidence to deal with employee matters, without the fear of a Tribunal claim and not having the resources to deal with it. We eradicate the worries of HR/Employment law for our clients so they can concentrate on growing their business. Moreover, we provide businesses, who were looking for HR/Employment law support with a first-class service from expert lawyers, with the flexibility of choosing from a range of services which suits them and not worrying about the “traditional” hourly rate charges.

We work with an insurance company and offer our client’s insurance, so they have the option to protect themselves. With the insurance, you can be rest assured that as long as you have followed our advice, the insurers would cover your costs relating to the Tribunal claim.

Our hospitality client has said the following:

“Vandana has dealt with all aspects of my company’s business immigration matters. She continues to offer her expertise and support the growth of the business. Currently through advising on aspects regarding the EU settlement scheme, allowing us to draw on talent from abroad and hire them to further grow our business.”

The hospitality sector is one of the largest employers in the country. This makes it imperative for businesses to stay on top of the ever changing HR, employment and immigration laws. Mistakes can be costly as Tribunal claims could cost businesses thousands of pounds, therefore businesses must minimise risks and protect themselves.

Davenport Solicitors, guiding you safely through the minefield of HR, employment and corporate immigration.




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