Travel and Tourism Report: ‘Could Do Better’

>>Travel and Tourism Report: ‘Could Do Better’

WTTC's 2014 report Travel & Tourism

WTTC’s excellent report, Travel & Tourism: Economic Impact 2014 – World

A new report by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), a global authority on the social and economic impact of Travel & Tourism, gives the sector high marks for its economic performance in 2013, but also notes there is a global issue that is holding back growth. The WTTC’s President and CEO, David Scowsill, expresses concerns about travel restrictions – such as onerous visa processes  – that are holding back the sector’s development in some countries.

According to research conducted by the WTTC and the UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) in 2012, “improving visa processes could generate an additional US$ 206 billion in tourism receipts and create as many as 5.1 million jobs by 2015 in the G20 economies.

Mr Scowsill said, “To capitalise on, rather than thwart, Travel & Tourism’s potential to boost visitors, spend and jobs, we would encourage countries to implement progressive approaches to visas, which make it easier for people to travel. Governments also need to ensure that they have intelligent rather than punitive taxation measures in place. Last but not least, it is also essential that the public and private sectors facilitate growth in a responsible and sustainable way, with people and the planet at the forefront of policies.”

Read the WTTC report here: Travel & Tourism: Economic Impact 2014 – World

If visa issues are of interest to you, refer to the British Hospitality Association’s campaign, Facilitating Access. As the trade association for the UK’s hospitality and tourism businesses, the BHA is campaigning on behalf of the industry for “visa reform that is realistic and manageable”. To read more, visit Facilitating Access on the BHA’s website.

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