Time for your annual check up of knowledge, skills and competencies

>>Time for your annual check up of knowledge, skills and competencies

As we move on into 2021 – at the strangest of all times – it is good to reflect on our achievements over the last year – there will have been many despite the headwinds we’ve all faced – and plans for this coming year – as much as we are able to at least.

We can’t change the economy or the virus on our own but it’s worth focusing on the management matters you can deal with. The early weeks of January are sometimes a quieter period of the year for those working in hospitality and it’s worth taking a look at our Management Standards once again.

This worthwhile publication is free to download for members and is intended as a reference tool and checklist to enable individuals and organisations to achieve success and professionalism in the hospitality industry.

They can be used by:

  • Individuals – To build a professional career in hospitality management.
  • Organisations – To identify roles and responsibilities required in their business and to guide and develop their staff through successful career progression.
  • Education and training providers – To develop the knowledge, skills and competencies required by the industry.

The Standards are listed as a series of check boxes which can be reviewed in relation to knowledge, skills and competencies attained. Areas which require further development can then be highlighted and researched using the IoH Library, publications and e-Resources; by asking colleagues and employers for help; through training and development opportunities and by networking with other industry professionals. Once the new knowledge is gained, then the Standard can be checked or ticked.

The IoH Management Standards are set out in three sections:

  • Personal and Professional Skills – this section applies to all hospitality professionals and includes a code of conduct, background on the industry and professional development.
  • Managing People and Operations – this section includes the core competencies required in the main operational job roles of food production, food and beverage operations, accommodation services, front office and reception operations and meetings and events.
  • Managing the Business – this section will be of particular interest to owner operators and those starting their own business. Specific areas of management include health and safety, marketing, finance, strategy and public relations and sales.

Even if you are an experienced professional it’s worth a read and reminding yourself and your teams of best practice.

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