New HQ Magazine arrives this October

>>New HQ Magazine arrives this October

Your new edition of HQ Magazine, which arrives towards the end of October, takes a look into the fascinating world of virtual and augmented reality.

Companies that have looked beyond the novelty value, thoroughly weighing up the benefits of immersive technology to their owners, customers and employees, have discovered useful applications for VR and AR across all aspects of their businesses, from design to marketing and training.

For example IHG has found that using VR to test prototype hotel bedrooms is much more cost-effective than building them.

Hilton is using VR to increase the empathy of its corporate staff by making them experience the day-to-day tasks that their frontline employees perform (see photo).

“We want them to realise that the job they do every day in their office can directly impact the life and work of hotel team members; the decisions they make can affect their work, their efficiency and the way they operate,” explains Blaire Bhojwani, senior director of learning innovation at Hilton.

“It’s about understanding that every time we think of one more thing, it lands on those team members to act it out,” she adds. “If we want to add something to a brand standard, we need to think about what we’re going to take away so as not to overwhelm and overburden them.”

Your new issue has an exclusive interview with Enam Ali MBE FIH, the winner of the Institute’s Outstanding Acheivement Award earlier this year. Ali speaks frankly about the challenges facing the British curry industry and about his campaign for a new immigration policy post-Brexit.

Moving onto the B&I sector, we have an in-depth chat with Ruston Toms FIH and Brian Allanson FIH as they celebrate 20 years of Blue Apple Contract Catering.

This issue also contains the most up-to-date data and tips on how to reduce your food waste, reports from our members in China, Saudi Arabia and Canada, plus all your regular Institute news.

HQ Magazine is the Institute’s membership magazine, posted out to members each quarter. It is also available to read via our website.