How to motivate your team

>>How to motivate your team

Well the title is wrong for a start!! You cannot motivate your team. Motivation comes from within the individual and the best managers create an environment in which their teams flourish and therefore are motivated! Rosemary Bannister, MD of HT Training and Coaching explains more.

Motivation is the fuel that drives the individual. Most organisations define the purpose of a role and they probably train in skills and behaviour. However, you then need to add the fuel of motivation to leverage the other two.

Easy you say! Not so, because motivation varies from individual to individual. During the IoH professional development workshops scheduled for early 2020, we will use the work of James Sale – a bit of a guru when it comes to motivation. He has spent years studying motivation and breaks motivation down into three broad headings – relationships, growth and achievement. Each of these has three subdivisions, giving us a total of nine possible motivators and most of us will have a smattering of all nine!

Let me share a couple of examples with you of how, with the best intentions, it is easy to completely misunderstand an individual’s motivation:

Case Study 1

John was a competent Restaurant Manager who was really liked by the clients and team members alike. His boss felt that John lacked ‘hunger’ and was too ‘nice’. So he introduced a financially based reward scheme for increasing covers and average spend. This did not work for John as his top two motivators are ‘Friend’ (Relationship Motivator) and ‘Expert’ (an Achievement Motivator that’s all about being an expert and offering the best advice to his customers).

John’s lowest motivator is ‘Builder’ another Achievement motivator, all about financial success. So John’s boss had got it completely wrong! Giving John an enhanced financial reward did nothing to fuel his motivation and may even have got in the way!

Case Study 2

Katy is a telesales specialist and is brilliant at opening doors for her pro-active sales colleagues to go in and win the business. Her boss had noticed a drop in energy levels and was concerned that she was no longer enjoying her job and was considering giving her greater responsibility to help with her motivation.

On doing her Motivational Map, we discovered that her top motivator is ‘Star’. Which means that she thrives and needs recognition and respect for the work she does. This was not happening. She felt as if she was working in a vacuum. Her colleagues were not keeping her in the loop and there was no recognition of the work she was doing.

Once able to understand this, the team started to email their thanks, stop by her desk to let her know how they were following up on her work and giving an occasional box of chocolates or bunch of flowers. Katy’s job satisfaction and motivation rocketed. A simple solution!

IoH Workshops

So to help you get more from your team please join us for one (or both) of the following workshops taking place at The Marylebone Hotel in London:

3rd February 2020 – Getting the most from your team
4th February 2020 – Motivating your team

Follow the links above for more information about the two workshops and to book your tickets.

The workshops are being delivered by Rosemary Bannister, MD of HT Training & Coaching. HT Training provide experiential based training in all areas of sales, customer service and leadership development. As well as being a trainer and coach Rosemary is a licensed practitioner for Insights Discovery; a psychometric self-development and team tool as well as Motivational Maps.

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