Hospitality Recruitment and Covid-19. How do we maintain the human touch?

>>Hospitality Recruitment and Covid-19. How do we maintain the human touch?

There’s no doubt about it. People are the heart of hospitality.

As government sanctioned lockdowns temporarily close UK hotels, pubs and restaurants, and social distancing looks to become a part of life for some time, how does hospitality maintain the human touch? We speak to Business Partners, Angel Recruitment to find out what they think…

Coronavirus Lockdown

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grip the globe it’s no surprise that hospitality has been one of its biggest business victims, so far. Government relief measures may have provided some reassurance, yet the industry faces massive change and readjustment.

Challenging times lie ahead, but as one expert told

“The travel and hospitality business will come back. It might take a year, but we’ve weathered the OTAs and shared economy’s disruptive effects, and we will weather this one too.”

Weathering the Storm

When it comes to dealing with the coronavirus crisis many employers have already been faced with hard decisions. Yet, it’s also a period of opportunity, a time to step back and evaluate business structures, staffing models, and more.

With this in mind, it’s important to remain agile and put yourself ahead of the curve. Take Honest Burgers, who as CityAM says, is helping staff remain connected through a series of events and videos:

“In many cases these video sessions are encouraging deeper connections between frontline restaurant staff and central team members.”

A sound business move, which will both improve morale and boost brand image.

Video Conferencing

Indeed, CNN claims video conferencing is now being embraced by Chinese businesses who have been forced to work remotely. While even US-based Starbucks scrapped plans for its 2020 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, opting to hold a virtual one instead.

“This outbreak has brought home the importance of adopting technologies, like video conferencing and remote recruitment,” says Russell Crawford, CEO of Angel Recruitment.

He continues, “We’d advise employing this tech to connect with current staff, help simplify practices, and even to keep in contact with future candidates.”

Video Recruitment

The number of companies using video interviews to hire staff spiked by 67% in the past four weeks due to concerns over the coronavirus, according to recruitment company Walters People. Plus, a whopping 150% candidates wanted to digitalise their cv by video.

In fact, by 2022 82% of all internet traffic is expected to be video – so many of our younger employees and candidates are comfortable communicating remotely already!

There’s no time like the present. Why not start now?

Angel is proud to provide a tailored-made video recruitment and connection solution, ARCH.

“Yes, you could potentially use Skype or Zoom,” explains the Angel CEO, “But this technology is specifically designed for interviews that you can record, store and playback. Plus, it can be used anywhere in the world.”

Angel’s award-winning software has been designed to efficiently vet, select and interview candidates remotely, and enables you to:

  • Create personal videos for candidates on company culture and role specifics
  • Pre-record questions or conduct live interviews anytime, anywhere
  • Make role-specific shortlists, with desired pre-qualifying criteria and supporting documents
  • Establish a secure, GDPR-compliant candidate database
  • Share information with chosen colleagues and avoid diary clashes

What Now?

Yes, Covid-19 and social distancing may be staying with us for longer than we hoped, but the sector will recover. In the meantime employers must learn to embrace technology, not as a luxury spend, but as a lifeline. Angel’s video software not only enables hospitality employers to personalise their recruitment processes, it helps staff keep in touch too. Fast becoming the business-savvy way to manage your business using ARCH is a win-win.

Never forget, people are the heart of hospitality.

Special IoH Offer.

In light of the big challenges currently facing the industry, Angel are now offering ARCH free with exclusive permanent mandates from now up until the end of December. Quote CV032020 to take up this deal.

For more information, contact Louis at Angel Recruitment | 0207 940 2000.

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