Hospitality Action provides Employee Assistance Programme for businesses

>>Hospitality Action provides Employee Assistance Programme for businesses

Hospitality Action, the industry’s benevolent charity, runs an Employee Assistance Programme or EAP for short.

The EAP is central to HA’s commitment to helping people who work or have worked in hospitality and find themselves in difficulty or crisis and provides employers with a means to increase their teams’ well-being, morale and performance.

Personal and health issues can have a major impact on the way people work, resulting in reduced performance, lack of focus and absence. These, in turn, can lead to lost productivity and significant cost to employers.

By subscribing to the EAP, all your employees receive access to an independent, confidential assistance line supported by a comprehensive care package of services and benefits that takes a holistic approach to employee welfare. Like the industry it serves, the assistance line is open 24/7, 365 days a year and includes a translation service for over 170 languages.

HA’s EAP care programme offers a raft of benefits, including personal counselling, legal guidance, addiction support, debt advice and a financial well-being service, parenting helpline, elderly care helpline and a whistle-blowing service – all for an annual cost of just £5 per employee which equates to 45 minutes’ labour on current minimum wage.

Uniquely among EAP providers, should financial help be required by any recipients of EAP support, we’re able to point them towards HA’s grant-giving team, for consideration for further support.

In short, it’s about keeping hospitality people happy, healthy and work-ready.

For employers, subscribing to our EAP:

  • demonstrates a commitment to their team’s physical and mental wellbeing;
  • provides a cost effective tool for driving morale and therefore retention;
  • ensures employees are work-ready and undistracted by issues that prevent them from focussing fully on their jobs;
  • and enables them to support the wider work of their industry charity.

Is the health and wellbeing of your team and the success of your business worth £5 per head per year? If so, give us a shout on 020 3004 5500 or email  We’d love to help you and your team.