Business considerations post lock-down

>>Business considerations post lock-down

We spoke to our friends at Critiquie and asked them for some tips for your business post lock-down.

Post lock-down as we return to a “new normal”, ensuring your business is the best it can be is absolutely paramount, not just for your success but to the survival of your business.

With less customers due to low customer confidence plus restrictions and lower capacity, it is now more important than ever that every customer you have is not just “ok”, but “happy” if not “very happy” with all aspects of your business.

Businesses no longer have the luxury to accept that Customers who are “not happy” can and will just “vote with their feet.”

It is imperative for Customers to have an easy, open and non-confrontational route for them to express their opinions to the business.

Giving your Customers access to your social links may seem like a quick and easy fix to this issue, but it really isn’t.

If your customers are disgruntled you don’t want them to air this publicly. Equally many customers will not bother to take extra steps if you haven’t made the effort to help them communicate with you.

Knowing your customers have had an issue is useful to ensure the issue doesn’t re-occur. Even better is the ability to contact that customer or even better yet is to rectify the issue mid-experience. Handling and resolving a problem well can usually turn a negative experience into a very positive one.

Other considerations when asking for customer feedback is don’t present them with huge surveys asking if they have a spare 5 to 20 minutes to fill out your questionnaire. Three points here are:

  1. Hardly anyone has time to spare 10 minutes for someone else.
  2. If they do, often results can’t be trusted as undoubtedly they will encounter ‘survey fatigue’ and give any answer to just get to the end.
  3. Don’t confuse Customer feedback for Market Research.

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