Top booking revenue makers of 2020… plus predictions and tips for 2021

>>Top booking revenue makers of 2020… plus predictions and tips for 2021

Our friends at SiteMinder have published a fantastic new e-book exclusively for IoH.

Starting with an introduction from James Bishop, Senior Director at SiteMinder and Peter Ducker FIH, the e-book provides a breakdown of the Top 12 hotel booking revenue makers of 2020 in the UK and checks in with some of their most successful partners to understand how they have been successfully working with our customers in the last year, and look towards what 2021 will bring.

This e-book will help you to get the most out of SiteMinder’s Top 12 data for 2020, boost the value you see from your connected online distribution channels, and plan for 2021 success. You will see which channels were the most successful for UK hotels in 2020, with tips from SiteMinder and popular channels on how to optimise your returns. You will also receive advice from some of the industry’s biggest operators, such as, Expedia and Agoda, to ensure what you’re doing over the next 12 months attracts as many guests through your doors as possible.

Please note that you may experience issues downloading the e-book if using Microsoft Edge. Please try using an alternative browser and if the problem persists, please contact us and we will email a copy to you. Alternatively you can access this e-book via the IoH Connect app.

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