The new issue of HQ Magazine is now available to read online or via your IoH Connect app

>>The new issue of HQ Magazine is now available to read online or via your IoH Connect app

HQ – Road to Recovery: what’s inside

As the restrictions of lockdown are slowly eased and the hospitality industry revs up to receiving guests again, general manager of Champneys Robert Ledward-Smith FIH advises on how to prepare and motivate staff who have spent months on furlough.

The man who led the much vaunted NHS Food Review Phil Shelley FIH discusses what it took to examine kitchens and catering in an organisation the size of the National Health Service. Two outstanding factors were the consensual approach of the panel that undertook the review – no egos and lots of team spirit; and the willingness of management at NHS hospitals to embrace scrutiny that might otherwise have been unwelcome.

Giving a different view of things medical is Rupy Aujla, who talks to HQ about culinary medicine, how he solved his own health problems by changing his diet and lifestyle, and how he is on a mission to teach student doctors about cooking and food, alongside chef students, who take on board the medical side of the equation; shared education.

While many of us will celebrate being able to raise a glass with friends and meet them for a meal, not everyone will be drinking alcohol to do it. John Porter looks at the increasing popularity of low and no alcohol drinks, which has raised their status and inspired variety. As a result, the options include low and no alcohol wine and beer but also, and more surprisingly, spirits, such as gin.

And for beer drinkers who feel left out when it comes to meals, Jane Peyton MIH gives insight into the drink’s characteristics and why beers compete with wine to complement food.

Meanwhile, it’s all too easy to look at the effect Covid-19 has had on your home country but the Institute is an international body, so we asked some members to give us a view of lockdown in a number of destinations and how unlocking is progressing.

This month’s behind the scenes profile is senior loss prevention manager at London Marriott Grosvenor Square, who despite his title, spends more time checking fire safety and doing risk assessments than wrestling crooks to the ground in the hotel lobby.

The climate crisis is particularly high profile this year, given the COP26 summit in Glasgow in November, G7 in Cornwall in June and the UN Food Systems Summit in New York in autumn (date tbc). And this is not before time, according to the evidence given by panellists on a webinar about the impact of climate change on the global food supply.

Much has been said about the pent-up desire to get out and enjoy restaurants and hotels again; and there is similarly pent-up talent waiting to find employment in hospitality. Now, five industry bodies have for the first time combined to create CareerScope, a portal that hosts all manner of advice and guidelines, ranging from how to write a contemporary CV, through interviewing techniques to steering people towards recruiters, employers and jobs. Its launch could not be better timed and it is a reflection not only of the sector’s ability to support its own, but also of better things to come. It is time the tide turned.

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