Thank you to all our Members

>>Thank you to all our Members

A big thank you to all of you who attended our webinars.

As we head towards the Christmas break and approach the (welcome) end to 2020, the team at IoH would like to take this chance to say a massive thank you to all of you who’ve been using our resources during 2020.

As you know, we’ve put on lots of additional webinars and online events during the pandemic. We’ve been getting some fantastic letters, Christmas cards, emails, social media comments and general feedback from all of you… making the whole team incredibly proud of what we’ve been doing.

In fact, we’re so proud, we thought we’d share some of the feedback.

“A great range of Webinars. These are really tremendously helpful. Thanks Again.” 
Liam Berney FIH

“Please keep this format going. Today’s webinar had excellent participants and a much needed positive attitude with an interesting debate on compassion, hospitality and service.”
Keith Turnbull MIH

“I found this webinar extremely beneficial (specifically to my job role) and engaging. I am currently on furlough and listening to this makes me even more excited to get back to work and immerse myself in ‘the new normal’. Thank you for the fantastic insights!”
Jess Burrow MIH

“Very engaging! I am really enjoying the webinars related to COVID/ the new normal as they are helping me to remain positive and engaged with the industry whilst on furlough!”
Penelope Wright AIH

It goes without saying, we’ll be bringing you lots more events (hopefully some of them face to face!) in 2021. Thank you again for your continued support.

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