Spotlight on IoH Business Partner Angel Recruitment

>>Spotlight on IoH Business Partner Angel Recruitment

The Institute of Hospitality is proud to work with the inspiring team at Angel Recruitment who are huge supporters of the hospitality industry. Our marketing team went behind the scenes to find out a little more about our fantastic business partner and discover more about the work they do to improve hospitality for all.

Tell us a little more about Angel Recruitment and how you help hospitality businesses.

Angel Recruitment has been placing permanent and temporary hospitality and catering candidates with employers across England since 1965 – we currently have branches in London, Essex, Kent, Hampshire and North East England. In short, we know our stuff!

As an independent agency, we’ve built our reputation on our founder’s belief that: Every company’s unique selling point (USP) is its employees. We know that hardworking people who take pride in their work are the backbone of a thriving hospitality industry, and we genuinely believe our candidates are the best out there.

Of course, at its core, Angel Recruitment is about people, and relationships are built on trust. Backed by a team of hospitality-experienced consultants Angel is available 24/7 to listen to and actively support our client partners. And that support comes in all shapes and sizes: From industry insights to future trends, through to expert managed services, like payroll or training.

At the end of the day we look to treat our clients with professionalism, yes, but also warmth, with the aim of developing long-lasting and beneficial working relationships.

You have supported many industry events over the years, why is this so important?

We recognise that being an active member of the hospitality and catering industry is key to offering an effective service and helps create confidence in our expertise.

At the end of the day actions speak louder than words, so backing awards, like the IoH’s Aspiring Manager Award last October, or speaking at conferences, like Hotelympia, means our industry colleagues get to see we mean what we say.

While meetings can be held online, there’s nothing like meeting people in real life to really find out what matters to the industry right now. Attending conferences and other hospitality events exposes us to new methods of working, exciting ideas, and means we get to find out what’s challenging employers and candidates.

What’s more, all work and no play isn’t good for anyone! We’re passionate about hospitality because we love people, good food, and great parties – so attending industry events is both valuable and fun.

How can you help the hospitality industry to save time and money?

We believe in playing to your strengths. Angel’s strength is matching talented people with great clients, while our client employers want to focus on delivering a superb hospitality experience. So, we tell our clients that Angel is best placed to support them in finding the ideal people to do just that.

But, did you know, it currently takes an average of 27.5 days to make a hire in the UK? That’s way too long when you consider that the best candidates are usually snapped up within 10 days! And, then when employers try to cut corners 2 in 3 say they have lost money due to poor hiring decisions.

So, Angel can help busy hospitality employers find the right fit and fast. Remember, we have extensive hospitality expertise and a huge candidate database at our fingertips – so, we’re successful 9 times out of ten.

We employ everything from current technology – think video interviewing – to psychometric testing, to finding out what really makes someone tick beyond expertise. Plus, Angel knows how to advertise in the right way, in the right place, to the right people – so no more piles of irrelevant CVs, or even worse, crickets.

And we manage all this, and more, while you get on with taking your business to the next level.

How as an industry can we attract more talent into hospitality?

At Angel we believe we have to be the best advocates of the industries we work in. Hospitality gets a lot of bad press, but it’s up to us, in the know, to turn it around and showcase the positives.

How many actors and singers fulfill their dreams by supporting themselves with flexible shifts bartending and waiting? James Franco and Julia Roberts, to name a couple. And we should be singing the praises of every successful chef who makes it to the top despite their disadvantages.

At the end of the day we believe that first and foremost, a career should fulfil our dreams. Whether you’re in the industry because you’re passionate about food and drink or value the sector’s flexibility, hospitality welcomes you, provides people with valuable skills, and offers them potential.

And we should be celebrating and sharing these experiences and insights wherever we can – especially to upcoming generations who often have a narrow view of what hospitality can be. Sharing our motivational stories can help capture imaginations.

On your website, you talk about video recruitment, is this a trend that’s on the rise?

Remember what we said about saving employers time and money when recruiting? Well, our new video interviewing technology takes that to the next level.

A recent study by Cisco predicts that by 2021, 80% of all internet traffic will be video. While, in its Future of Video report Cass Business School found that: “65% of SMEs and large organisations consider video to be the most ‘engaging’ communication channel…”.

So, if you want to stay ahead in this candidate-driven market then you need to speak your candidate’s language. While we hear a lot about millennials (born 1980 -1994), generation Z is now entering the market and they’re digital natives, who want to understand your brand, and expect to communicate via technology.

So yes, video is the future. While this might sound daunting, it’s actually great news, because video recruitment software gives you more control over the hiring process from start to finish.

Think about it. Now you can present your company brand in a way which attracts your ideal candidates effortlessly. You can interview candidates one-way, via recorded questions, or two-way, from the comfort of your own desk. While colleagues can collaborate – securely – when it comes to making those all important hiring decisions.

So, if you haven’t tried video recruitment yet you’re really missing a trick!

What’s your biggest success story?

It might sound corny, but to us, every day we’re in business could be defined as a success story.

But if you want specifics, first, we’d highlight our Angel Academy of Excellence (AAE). Beneficial to both employer and candidate AAE is a rewarding progression scheme designed to attract and retain great temp candidates – something particularly pertinent to the hospitality industry!

With AAE employers have access to the temp candidates they love, as and when they need them, while also having the opportunity to help develop those candidates, through structured feedback – but without having to invest in costly training or commit to making a permanent hire.

In fact, our commitment to developing great candidates has resulted in an amazing 100% positive feedback from our clients!

All our temp candidates are assessed according to our Angel Values system too, so often overlooked aptitudes, like punctuality and taking pride in your work, are taken seriously, helping elevate the quality of staff and thus employer experience.

As you can see employer feedback is a vital part of our offering at Angel, and a key component to our continued success. So, now we’re taking that further still with the creation of a new rating and feedback system, which we hope will involve employers even more.

While, from September, we’ll also be launching our new Candidate Success Story features online, where employers and candidates can discover what working well and working with Angel really looks like. So, remember to follow us to find out more.

What do you think makes the hospitality industry so special to work in?

We’ve mentioned already that Angel is about people, and that’s also true for the hospitality industry.

For starters, while other industries are facing automatisation, the innovative hospitality sector is aiming to create thousands of new jobs over the coming years. And those opportunities are available countrywide – not just in major cities – making it amazingly accessible, as well as exciting.

In fact, hospitality is truly egalitarian. You can enter hospitality at almost any level, and whether you’re a young porter with big dreams, a well-connected events professional, or a serious financial wiz, there’s a place for you.

Added to that hospitality is incredibly flexible, which means it can be great for single parents or carers, for example. In fact, the sector thrives on diversity – know a foreign language and you’re well ahead!

And, the skills hospitality workers develop can take them up the hospitality ladder (which is easier to climb than in many other sectors!) or can be transferred to other industries. From communicating effectively to anticipating issues and coming up with solutions – hospitality-honed skills are in demand everywhere.

In short, hospitality is a truly underrated profession which thrives on the passion of the people working in it – that’s why we love working with and finding exceptional people for our hospitality clients!

Angel Recruitment is an Institute of Hospitality Business Partner, why did you decide to get involved?

Well, Angel’s mission and values align perfectly with the Institute’s aim of supporting its members to achieve their full potential at every stage in their career.

Becoming a Business Partner shows others that we’re committed to this vision and helps us meet like-minded businesses, spot industry talent, and achieve greater exposure.

One of our favourite things about being an IoH business partner is the rich programme of events and activities. These give many of our team members the opportunity to get involved and contribute their knowledge, while learning, and having fun!

Because at the end of the day finding exceptional candidates to support our great client employers starts with passionate and engaged consultants.

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