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>>Sign up for the Passion4Hospitality student debate on AI and robots

There is still time for college and university teams to register for the Passion4Hospitality Student Debating Competition on 11 March at Novotel London West.

The Student Debating Competition is an important part of Passion4Hospitality, the largest, FREE student and industry networking event created by the Institute of Hospitality.

This is your moment to shine. Debate with a team of fellow students and demonstrate your knowledge and persuasive skills. Registration is open until noon on Friday 15 February.

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This year’s debate is on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots. Will AI and robots take away hospitality jobs or make life easier for both employees and customers?

Robots are still fairly rare in the hotel and catering sectors (compared with the car industry, for example).

A handful of companies use robots to flip burgers, collect and store luggage, deliver items to bedrooms, or serve guests at reception. In most cases, the robots are as much a publicity stunt as an efficiency tool. But advances in AI could change this.

Hotel consultant Monica Or FIH observes: “AI is a learning technology. At present the emotional connection is missing and that gives us the advantage of keeping the art of hospitality alive with our guests. We are the only ones that can give that human contact, although once AI learns emotional intelligence that’s when things could change dramatically.”

What do you think? Is the time when sophisticated androids will serve conference dinners still a long way off, or is a Westworld-style future nearer than we think?

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Passion4Hospitality is FREE to attend and includes lunch and refreshments. Come to the Novotel London West on 11 March. Listen to the debate,  benefit from careers workshops, and meet top hospitality employers in the careers fair. Book now






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