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Accredited programmes

  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management with Honours

Accreditation period

Sept 2019 to Sept 2024

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This programme offered by the Universiti Utara Malaysia has been accredited by the Institute of Hospitality since September 2019.

“Accreditation from the Institute of Hospitality is very meaningful to us at the Universiti Utara Malaysia as it adds credibility to our hospitality management degree programme. The accreditation provides international recognition for our programme which in turn will increase the visibility of our graduates at both local and international level in the hospitality industry. Through this recognition we will continue our commitment towards quality improvement to achieve excellence and higher professional standards of academic operation at the Universiti Utara Malaysia.”

Dr Johan Afendi Ibrahim
School of Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management

2019-10-17T16:18:57+01:00 October 14th, 2019|