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Endorsed programmes

  • Corporate Receptionist and Visitor Management Software
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Hotel Receptionist and Opera PMS Hotel Software
  • Hotel Reservations Agent and Opera PMS Hotel Software
  • Opera PMS Hotel Software
  • Supervision and Leadership

Endorsement period

Oct 2018 to Oct 2020

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Reception Academy offers a suite of specialist short courses relating to the operational area of hotel reception. The Academy works with over 800 hotels and 95% of its graduates find employment after completing one of its courses.

Programmes offered by Reception Academy have been endorsed since October 2016.

“We decided it would be good to have a recognition from within the industry, from someone who is influential, recognised and respected by the industry and that brought us to the Institute of Hospitality. We always knew our courses are great. We sought endorsement to ensure that we are on track. It helps us to review our processes and we even made a few changes, so it helps in moving us forward.”

Martin Hartmann MIH

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