Mentor Me: connecting members across the world

>>Mentor Me: connecting members across the world

Mentor Me is the Institute of Hospitality’s mentoring scheme. It is open to all Institute Members, including our student members.

We are looking for new mentors and mentees to sign-up and get involved. As a mentee, Mentor Me will connect you to someone who can help set clear professional goals and offer career advice. As a mentor, you get the opportunity to develop your coaching skills and support a new entrant to the industry.

Geography is no barrier, as the monthly meetings can be held via Skype or FaceTime.  Experienced hospitality consultant Neil Shorthouse FIH is currently a mentor to manager-in-training  Hélène Cregut-Aston AIH. Neil is based in Kent, UK, and Hélène is working at the Roger Smith Hotel in New York.

Neil says: “It’s great to work with inspirational and dedicated individuals such as Hélène who has a true passion for hospitality.  I would recommend it to anyone. Even I learn new things!”

Hélène says: “We get along very well. Each Skype session is different. I feel comfortable with Neil to talk about my doubts, challenges or simply exchange thoughts about new trends in hospitality. He is a great listener and always gives me good advice.

As a graduate student I think it can be confusing and stressful to know where and how to start your career and Neil helped me to define my project. The Mentor Me program is extremely rewarding.

In October I went to the ‘Women of the Year’ event organised by Glamour Magazine. They had a talk led by Alexa Von Tobel about the importance of having a mentor but also to do mentoring. I totally understood what they were saying. The fact that with the Institute all members have access to mentoring (for free) is quite amazing.”

To find out more and to register your interest in taking part, go to our Mentoring page.

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