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The Institute of Hospitality’s mentoring scheme

Mentor Me is mentoring with a difference; it focuses on career growth and development for both experienced and new hospitality managers.
Our global student members, apprentice members and Associates (AIH) are matched with experienced Members (MIH) and Fellows (FIH) to undertake some guided learning on topical industry issues alongside monthly meetings.

If you can commit to (a suggested) one-to-one virtual meeting each month for a six month period and you are keen to undertake professional development as well as supporting a colleague then Mentor Me could be for you! Meetings are not in person currently; you can choose to meet via Skype, Face Time, Teams, Google Hangouts, Zoom and even an “old fashioned” telephone!

Please note that mentees must be a minimum of 18 years old.

Two new optional modules have now been added: interview skills and public speaking. You can mix and match all modules; what ever suits the mentees needs in their career development.

The first two of the links below have been kindly written by Jane Chilman MIH from People First Associates.

Darren Blanchard FIH shares his experience of participating in the Institute of Hospitality’s mentoring scheme as a Mentor. (select the image below to play video)

Yvonne Lim MIH shares why she decided to become a Mentor as part of the Institute of Hospitality’s mentoring scheme.

Laura Mihalache recently took part in the Institute of Hospitality’s mentoring scheme as a Mentee. Hear why she found the experience beneficial. (select the image below to play video)

Sam Lucy AIH recently took part in the Institute of Hospitality’s mentoring scheme as a Mentee. In the video below, he talks about why he joined and how it helped him… (select the image below to play video)

See here for full details of our scheme and to access the topics  

Here is our Mentoring Policy and overview

Register your interest:

Log in to your account on our website and select the relevant orange box on the top right of the screen: ‘Request to be a Mentor’ or ‘Request to be a Mentee’.

To take part in Mentor Me you need to be a current member. It’s one of our most valued member benefits. Find out how to join the Institute of Hospitality.

I have been paired with an Institute of Hospitality Fellow through the Mentor Me scheme. My mentor has helped me to create a set of professional goals and give advice on a variety of work-related topics which have been very beneficial to my development.

Louise Balderson AIH

The mentoring scheme is great. I requested a mentor and within a few days we had connected. My mentor is extremely lovely and I can already tell that he is a really positive role model to have around me especially when starting my career.

Jessica Munt AIH

Just do it – it is a win-win for both mentor and mentee. You will come out feeling more connected with the wider world and have made a significant difference to a young person’s working life.

Graham Cox MIH

It really is an enjoyable experience. I always look forward to my calls with my mentee. It’s a great feeling to be helping, supporting and guiding someone else. The IoH has an easy to use platform to record your conversations, but you can also put your own spin on things and offer more if your time allows. It’s a win win for both you and the mentee.

Rachel Begbie FIH

Mentor Me is a great programme that allows us to help in shaping the leaders of tomorrow, whilst contributing to our own mission of giving back to the industry.

Francisco Macedo FIH