Member Spotlight – Brenda Collin

>>Member Spotlight – Brenda Collin

We shine our Member Spotlight on Brenda Collin, Managing Director of Preferred Hotels

Tell us more about Preferred Hotels and your role there

Preferred Hotels & Resorts is the world largest soft brand for independent hotels. I’m responsible for 50 properties across the UK, Ireland, Nordics and Netherlands and I ensure these members get the most out of our partnership, enhancing their revenue opportunities and enjoy a strong return on investment. I also look out for great hotels that would benefit from working with our global sales, marketing, PR and distribution teams.

Did you always want to work in hospitality when you were growing up?

As far back as I can remember considering a career, it was always going to be Hospitality and specifically Hotel Management.

What’s been your career highlight?

Whats important to me over and above my day to day role is my involvement in mentoring. This gives me the greatest joy and as much as I give, it also gives me more by teaching me about the younger generations beliefs and attitudes and how they view life.

What do you love most about working in hospitality?

I love the variety and pace of the industry. And the people who work in it are the most interesting, engaging, hard working and fascinating!

You are speaking at the Yorkshire Branch event next month, why should people attend this evening?

If anyone is considering a career in Hospitality, please do join us as we want to share how exciting and fun the industry is and how you can achieve your career aspirations with the right focus and support.

The topic of the event is Onwards and Upwards in Hospitality, can you give us a little hint about what you will be sharing?

I hope that those attending will be looking for inspiration to help propel their careers. Also to give hope and encouragement to those who feel they are not moving fast enough or that perhaps they have not achieved what they had set out to in their careers. Come and talk to us.

Why is it so important to get out the workplace and network at events like this?

There is always value in making time to attend industry events. Not only is it enjoyable, but it allows me to better understand the market in the region.

What has been the most memorable day in hospitality for you?

A more recent fun event was hosting a table at Back to the Floor 4 for Hospitality Action. It took me back to my catering days and I had huge fun whilst raising money for one of my favourite charities.

What is the best piece of advice you have given one of your team?

Don’t change who you are.

What is the biggest challenge for the hospitality industry in 2020?

Two biggest issues we face are a staffing crisis within hospitality and the sustainability and environmental challenges. With record numbers of hotels due to open in the next 5 years, now is the time to repair decades of reputation damage in order to attract new talent. But more pressing is each and every one of us taking action to save the planet. As the Royal Lancaster hotel team say, “there is no Planet B”.

How have you found being a member of the Institute of Hospitality has helped you in your career?

The Institute of Hospitality is a fantastic resource for every stage of your career in the industry. Numerous education events for students and leaders, mentoring programme, monthly career enhancing webinars etc. Networking with members has helped build life long friendship.

Brenda Collin is speaking at our Yorkshire Branch event, Onwards and Upwards in Hospitality on 2 March 2020.

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