Managing People 24/7 with BusinessHR

BusinessHR's services can help you manage staff and people issues quickly, easily and confidentially at any time of the day or night - saving you time and money.

ACCESS BusinessHR (member access only)

The BusinessHR website's checklists, diagnostics and frameworks offer Institute Members FREE access to comprehensive guidance on people management issues - from employment contracts and businesshrhelplineredundancy to disciplinary action and TUPE. Find the following:

  • 70+ customisable letters, documents, policies and contracts
  • Customisable employee handbook
  • Detailed explanations of HR topics and their application
  • Step-by-step HR guides
  • FREE monthly HR newsletter

BusinessHR Helpline: For personal assistance, Institute members have access to the legally compliant BusinessHR Helpline which offers telephone advice during regular business hours. Fellows (FIH) and Members (MIH) are eligible for one FREE annual Helpline call. Dues-paying Institute members can use the Helpline on a 'pay as you go' basis at an affordable hourly rate.

NB Data regarding members' use of the BusinessHR service is shared with the Institute to help improve the services. The Institute's privacy policy can be accessed here.