Housekeeping COVID-19 Secure Toolkit

>>Housekeeping COVID-19 Secure Toolkit

The UK Housekeepers’ Association (UKHA) has launched a new ‘Housekeeping COVID-19 Secure Toolkit’, developed through a strategic partnership with Umbrella Training.

The toolkit has been designed to provide an industry-wide approach to cleaning, offering a clear process for housekeepers and accommodation managers to follow – in line with Government guidelines.

With more than 700 members at UKHA, the toolkit is available to hotels across the sector, giving both consumers and the industry a recognised set of assurances, supporting the transition back to normal levels of occupancy.

As Europe’s largest Housekeepers’ Association, the UKHA has worked closely with Umbrella Training to develop a wide-ranging programme of training and support mechanisms.

The toolkit can be downloaded from the members area of the UKHA website. To become a member click here… its just £35. You will get access to the Toolkit and a number of other benefits.

Umbrella Training is also now also offering UKHA membership to all of its business partners and clients.

Lorraine Dale, chair, UKHA and head housekeeper at The Royal Household, said: “In these uncertain times, it is really important to offer a robust process for all housekeeping departments to follow.

“Our members, like the rest of the sector, are keen to get back to work and help with the recovery. It is important that we can all do this in a safe and consistent manner.

“We are delighted to partner with Umbrella Training who have extensive experience of rolling out effective and meaningful training programmes across a wide range of disciplines. Their knowledge and insights are going to be invaluable when driving this forward.”

Adele Oxberry FIH, founder, Umbrella Training, added: “The response from the sector has been phenomenal to date. We know that the next few months are going to continue to be challenging for the sector; we also know that consumers and guest are going to need a great deal of assurance and confidence in cleaning and hygiene procedures at any establishment. That’s why we have worked with UKHA to help develop a toolkit that we will all be comfortable with.

“By using our existing experience of working with some of the UK’s most recognised names, we have developed a programme which will enhance their operations and help them grow and succeed during these difficult times.”

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