Five Cs to boost team engagement

>>Five Cs to boost team engagement

Trisha Bennett FIH, director at Hospitality Assured, explains how engagement, the employee’s commitment to the organisation and their  willingness to perform beyond expectations, has become a number one priority for management.

Engagement is more than mere job satisfaction; fully engaged employees make the organisation a success. Engagement is the organisation’s DNA; the culture, strategy and uniqueness that makes the company ‘tick.’ The challenge is creating the environment to put the theory into practice. The theory focuses around the 5 C’s:

Connect with employees and stakeholders, building rapport and strong relationships. One of the things about great companies is that their people say they love their jobs because of who they work with.

How? Really get to know your employees. Are you in their world? Be ‘present’ and visible. Management by walk about is the ideal time to show you care by remembering simple things like birthdays, and asking employees how their family is.

Communicate and clarify the vision, mission, values, Customer Service Promise, strategy and key performance objectives. Communicate exactly what is expected of employees, teams and departments in terms of skills knowledge and behaviours.

How? Consider establishing a systematic meeting structure including road shows, town halls, staff/team conferences, team meetings, daily huddles; make them fun and meaningful.

Contribution and clear line of sight so that employees can describe how their current work is part of the vision and the organisation’s core strategies is paramount. Employees need to understand what they are contributing.

How? Regular feedback through appraisals and one-to-ones. Focus not only on performance but on personal well-being to identify where more personal support may be required.

Congratulate team members for a job well done, be positive, give praise and recognition. It costs nothing and the benefits are endless. Learn from Billy Jean King’s quote:”You never get recognition when you want it, and then when it comes, you get too much.”

How? Praising employees and teams in front of co-workers is a big confidence boost. A thank you note or email gives a personal touch. Recognition can be given for long service awards, employee of the month, fruitful suggestions, achieving qualifications, passing exams, excelling at training, compliments from customers, achieving targets, support for a charity or the community, et al!

Control without micromanagement. Give employees skills and knowledge, empower them and let go. Giving accountability, delegating responsibility and decision-making will boost their confidence.

How?  Foster a coaching culture to accelerate leadership development. Allow teams to plan and control their own team meetings and away days.

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