Courtauld is coming! Don’t let your hospitality business be left behind

>>Courtauld is coming! Don’t let your hospitality business be left behind

OstrichHospitality businesses are becoming more sensitive to issues surrounding the cost of food waste to both the business and the environment. Businesses that have been ignoring the increasingly pressing message of food waste reduction will find themselves in the minority.

An important new initiative for the reduction of food waste is coming and hospitality businesses ignore it at their peril! Courtauld 2025 is an ambitious  10-year voluntary agreement that brings together a broad range of organisations involved in the food system to make food and drink production and consumption more sustainable.

Collaborative working, from producer to consumer, will be crucial to the success of Courtauld 2025. By working collectively we will provide lower impact products, provide them more efficiently, help people get more value from the food and drink they buy, and make best use of remaining waste and surplus food.

Stay tuned to this site, or check out the WRAP UK website for further information on Courtauld 2025 and how it can help your business decrease costs and meet customer expectations for a reduction in waste.

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