Business partner spotlight with Global Secure Accreditation (GSA)

>>Business partner spotlight with Global Secure Accreditation (GSA)

We are proud to work with Global Secure Accreditation who are not only an important business partner, but they regularly share insight and advice to help our industry.

They recently ran a webinar for members and guests around ‘Security as a new normality in hospitality’. If you missed this webinar it’s worth watching here.

As part of this partnership we wanted to learn more about the fantastic work they do to help hospitality businesses.

Tell us more about GSA and how you help the hospitality industry

The hotel industry continues to evolve its security policies, systems and procedures in response to rapidly developing changes to the global risk and threat picture. Many hotels are exemplar in their development of intelligent and proportionate security regimes which incorporate good or best practice approaches. However, it is clear many hotels do not have such security in place either due to a lack of capability, resources, commitment or leadership and it is difficult for travellers to look below the surface to determine the difference between these two positions.

Global events, and the observable vulnerability of hotels has meant that security has become the major priority for corporate business travellers as well as independent travellers. For the industry to continue to ‘mark its own homework’ on security is no longer sustainable or desirable. Credible, qualified and fully independent security accreditation is now beginning to emerge in this sector. Global Secure Accreditation (UK) has used police crime and protective security expertise, together with counter terrorism expertise, to develop a set of global ‘risk based’ hotel security standards. These incorporate the type of techniques used by leading law enforcement and security agencies in the prevention of crime and terrorism.

These standards ‘flex’ according to the risk and threat profile of the hotel and trained experts determine what security needs to be in place to satisfy the standard. The standards and assessment processes, together with the assessor training have been formally accredited under the UK Government’s ‘Ofqual’ qualifications and standards regulatory framework. In this model GSA is ‘supervised by the standards body who are the final arbiter if the evidence supports the recommendation the standards have been met or exceeded.

This approach is a 21st century form of ‘self-regulation’ by the industry which brings hoteliers, qualified security specialist and regulators together in a collaboration to maintain trust and confidence through independently assured hotel security.

How can you save hospitality businesses time and money?​

​Hotels are looking for ways in which they can increase ADR (Average Daily Rates) and the utilisation of hotel resources, such as conference facilities.

The general manager of Northern Ireland City Hotel told us: “We can now officially showcase our consistent security protocols which has allowed us to secure high-profile business we would otherwise have been unlikely to win.”

A medium sized hotel (200 rooms) with an average room charge equivalent to $130 p.n. and with a 80% occupancy generates an annual room revenue of approximate $7,592.000 from 54000 room nights. An increase of just 75 (0.01%) room nights delivers a return on this investment in addition to the other benefits highlighted in this document.

Given overwhelming survey-based evidence that both business and leisure travellers have increasing concerns, it is very likely more guests will choose hotels with independent security validation such as GSA.

In a large hotel (500 rooms) with an average 80% occupancy the price per room night of accreditation would typically be in the region of 3 – 5 cents per room.

Hotels can also save time and money in the following ways:

  • Reduction in the cost of assessing hotel security standards
  • Accreditation attracting more corporate business to hotels and simplifying the validation process
  • Instilling confidence in independent travellers through greater security assurance
  • Providing independent internal assurance to hoteliers that appropriate security measures are in place
  • Greater reputational protection and defence against litigation in the event of a serious security incident

Describe some of the other ways you have helped your clients. ​

​Here is some feedback we have received about our work.

  • “I have no doubt that the security accreditation will play a key part in retaining important guests and securing new visitors.” Sally Beck, general manager, Royal Lancaster London
  • “Our corporate clients are increasingly concerned about security issues and this award will help me to reassure those clients, and other guests, that we have high security standards which have been verified independently.” Beccy Gunn, general manager at The White Horse
  • “We want to ensure all guests have the information they need to travel safely and securely.” Robin Sheppard, Chairman and Co-founder of Bespoke Hotels.

Tell us three ways all hospitality businesses can improve security. ​

  1. Undertake credible threat and risk assessments.
  2. Sufficiently prioritise security activity and benchmarking.
  3. Put in place reasonable and credible mitigation to deter or prevent both criminal acts and terrorist attacks.

What do you think makes the hospitality industry so special to work in?​

The hospitality industry is incredibly special and exciting due to the rapid growth with new offerings and ever-increasing opportunities for those who work in this market.

You are an Institute of Hospitality Business Partner, why is the IoH so important for our industry to support?​

In order to allow the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry to grow and provide excellent service and support for their customers, it is important that there is a global organisation that provides the expertise, knowledge and enablement for the professional body in this industry. This is the role provided by the Institute of Hospitality.

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