Behind the scenes with IoH business partner, Its Lolly

>>Behind the scenes with IoH business partner, Its Lolly

Our business partners are so important to the Institute of Hospitality and we are proud to work with them throughout the year. To celebrate the amazing work these suppliers do to support our industry, we are shining the spotlight on our partners over the coming weeks and months. The first to feature in our new behind the scenes series is Its Lolly and we’ve been chatting to the CEO, Peter Moore.

Tell us a little more about Lolly and how you help hospitality businesses.

Lolly is a Point of Sale (PoS) and payments specialist serving small and medium businesses across the UK’s hospitality industry.

We provide a complete PoS package where customers can use our EPoS software on tills and tablets. We then network these to card payment machines, to speed up service and we provide a cloud-based back office, supplying real-time business analytics.

In summary, we provide enterprise level EPoS to the hospitality business  at an affordable price. And, we are the only UK business of our kind that can truly scale from a downloadable product to a fully connected real-time network of tills, powered by an enterprise-level inventory reporting management system. Hospitality businesses simply upgrade as they grow, removing the need for costly installs as the needs of their business become more complex.

Who in the hospitality industry uses your software at the moment?

Thousands of UK businesses, including coffee shops, pubs and nightclubs, to mobile catering, pop ups and corporate caterers. We work with some really exciting hospitality providers – see some of our case studies on our website.

You have supported many industry events over the years, why is this so important?

Attending events and meeting other like-minded people is a great way of getting to grips with the rapidly changing hospitality sector; it’s the best way of networking.

How can you help save hospitality workers save time and money?

We design, build and deliver technology systems to help our customers increase their productivity, whilst also reducing their cost(s). And, we are happy to work closely with hospitality providers to create a bespoke offering for them – we know it’s never a case of ‘one size fits all’. Our system are always built with our core value in mind, simple to use smart and scalable.

Tell us about some of the key features of the software.

We’re proud to provide a complete digital commerce solution – from pre-order to loyalty, both in the in-store environment, but also out of store. One thing we are particularly proud of is the launch of LollyServe – the first-to-market entry level PoS and self-serve.

What’s your biggest success?

Being the key supplier to one of the UK’s major hospitality providers, which has delivered considerable business and helped us to support continued R&D and product innovation.

What do you think makes the hospitality industry so special to work in?

It’s a constantly changing environment, which is always providing new challenges, and technological innovation has become fundamental.

Lolly is an Institute of Hospitality Business Partner, why did you decide to get involved?

Because we want to help educate the market when it comes to the future of digital commerce within the hospitality sector, and we believe that the Institute can help to support this. Exciting times lie ahead.

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