A message of support to our members

>>A message of support to our members

Our industry has never, in peacetime, faced such a large challenge, and my colleagues and I want to send a message of support to all of our members, whether you are an industry practitioner, academic, student or retiree.

This is a time of deep concern both within our industry and for our families and friends.  Whatever your role in hospitality, and whichever sector of this vast industry you are in, the impact of the coronavirus is massive and gathering pace on a daily basis. During this crisis we will work constantly to bring you trusted advice, clear information and every support we can muster.

We will liaise with other organisations to ensure that the messaging – both outwards to the Government and general public and inwards to reach every part of our wide industry, is consistent, accurate and timely.

Never lose sight of the fact that hospitality is deeply woven into the fabric of society. As such we will soon, once again, be a thriving and growing Industry – even though that seems hard to believe today. In the meantime, we owe it to our team members, our clients and other stakeholders to do everything within our power to secure the future of our businesses. Of course, the wellbeing of our customers and team members remains our absolute priority.

As the situation develops you can be sure that we will publish sound advice and share news of innovative ideas that may help you cope and work, in every way we can to support you both personally and professionally.

With best wishes from me and the entire team at the Institute of Hospitality to you, your colleagues and your families.

Yours, Peter

Peter Ducker FIH, Chief Executive

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