Sustainability Webinar & ‘Go Green’ Summit offer useful insights for industry operators, caterers and chefs

>>Sustainability Webinar & ‘Go Green’ Summit offer useful insights for industry operators, caterers and chefs

Sustainability is embedded – or should be – in hospitality businesses of every size and in every sector. Whether you operate a kitchen at a university or you’re the owner of a small boutique hotel, you will want to watch this essential webinar hosted by Gram UK’s Glenn Roberts as three industry experts share their recommendations and up-to-the-minute knowledge for hospitality managers in this must-watch WEBINAR. GramWebinar4

The panelists are:

  • Peter Ducker FIH, Institute of Hospitality
  • Andrew Etherington FCSI FIH, FCSI
  • Keith Warren, CESA

The hospitality sector is under a lot of pressure to adapt, improve and better manage costs in areas such as energy use and utilities. These pressures come from different sources such as regulation and consumers – particularly the increasingly important Millennials whose expectations about a business’s ‘green credentials’ are clear: they want sustainable businesses that go above and beyond. A ‘green wash’ where businesses pay lip service to environmental and energy saving efforts are quickly spotted and dismissed by canny consumers. Even staff now expect employers of choice to incorporate extensive sustainability measures.

Learn about what resources and standards exist to help hospitality managers improve a business’s sustainability. For example, new EU regulations will affect commercial kitchens. The EU Ecodesign Directive and the Energy Labelling Directive come into effect after 1st July 2016 and will help increase green performance standards. Sourcing food, handling food waste and dealing with allergens regulations are also important facets of the sustainability discussion.

The full presentation provides perspectives relevant to hospitality managers, designers, consultants and equipment suppliers. Find Gram UK’s webinar HERE and be certain to sign up for tGram UK’s very first Go Green half-day Summit taking place at The Charlotte Street Hotel in London on Tuesday, 20th October. Bringing together some of the biggest names in the industry, The Go Green Summit aims to arm operators, caterers and chefs with the knowledge and tools to help implement green practices that will work towards a more commercially sustainable future for their business.

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