Spotlight on Venues of Excellence

>>Spotlight on Venues of Excellence

This week, we shine our spotlight on a new Strategic Partner, Venues of Excellence… And talk to Executive Director Mandy Jennings.

You have recently become a Strategic Partner of the Institute. Why is it important for your Venues of Excellence establishments to become IoH members during this time?

VOE really value the importance of our alliances with key industry partners. For us, these partnerships play a crucial role in our strategic development moving our consortia forward, sharing of best practice across organisations and we believe the benefits we can bring to our members are also enhanced through these relationships.

What exactly is Venues of Excellence and how do you help hospitality businesses? 

VOE is principally a sales and marketing consortium for independent conference and event led venues which has been in place for over 30 years. We have focused on bringing together a diverse range of conference, training and event venue providers together who all are committed to offering the highest standards and service quality. We provide national sales & marketing presence and activities, collective negotiating power with key industry suppliers, access to a substantial training resource through our learning & development academy and an extensive support network of industry professionals. We have been described as an extension of our venues sales and marketing teams which encompasses everything we stand for.

What is best about working within the hospitality industry?

It is like being part of one big fantastic family, all working together to provide amazing solutions for clients. Whilst thousands of people are employed in this industry it is quite amazing how we are all connected. The shining thread is that we are all passionate, enthusiastic people with boundless energy, and right now it is amazing to see how we are supporting  each other!

Describe three key ways you want to help support the hospitality industry going forward.

Support our industry by sharing best practice, giving great examples of how to be an award winning venue, being “best in class” and achieving excellence in venue quality and service.

Support in learning and development, help develop winning teams, create sales and marketing expertise, drive venue quality and innovation.

Help bring in the new blood into the industry through being proud of what we stand for and an industry where graduates are welcomed with respect and are their roles are valued.

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