Spotlight on: Bums On Seats

>>Spotlight on: Bums On Seats

We caught up with one of our newest Business Partners, Bums on Seats and spoke to founder Amber Staynings.

What exactly is Bums On Seats and how do you help hospitality businesses?

Bums on Seats is the UK’s largest outsource hospitality sales agency based in London and Manchester. We provide sales training, business auditing and specialist consultancy to Hospitality & Leisure Operators UK wide.

We support Hospitality businesses to put customers first and ensure an excellent guest experience from first point of contact for long lasting loyal relationships.

Additionally we offer a white label central sales team service and work closely with operators to deliver the best pre-booked sales strategy for maximum profit.

What is best about working within the hospitality industry?

For me it is the people, people matter and are at the heart of everything we do in this sector, whether colleagues of customers. It’s so rewarding and the industry camaraderie is unrivalled. I wouldn’t work in any other industry and I firmly believe ours is the best industry in the world.

What is your greatest challenge as a company? How has that changed during the current Coronavirus situation?

My greatest challenge has been meeting expectations. There are two aspects to this. My own expectations were always going to be challenging given that my new business model needed to win over the confidence of key players in a competitive market, whilst setting personal targets I knew would require unstinting dedication, considerable energy and drive, as well as the confidence to take risks. I was also keenly aware of the challenges associated with the expectations of others. These include my clients as well as my team of 10 loyal and extremely talented individuals who have tied their professional futures to my Company. I am fully aware of these challenges, but continue to relish the opportunities which they bring.

Covid-19 has proved invaluable to the Company in providing the breathing space to work closely together as a team on strengthening our core values, skills, and knowledge, whilst blue sky thinking new areas for future development in the changed environment associated with social distancing and different ways in which society now interacts and conducts its leisure business.

Describe three key ways you have helped your clients.

Firstly I have directed our support and expertise to anyone in the hospitality sector as a free resource during the Covid-19 crisis. This included zoom discussions to help businesses talk through options and safeguards associated with plans for reopening. Secondly I asked my talented and knowledgeable team to consider and make available their own views on how clients can be supported with their forthcoming reopening plans. Finally, I remained fully committed to existing clients throughout the lockdown, prioritising our skills, knowledge and experience for their benefit.

You have become a Business Partner of the Institute during such challenging times. Why did you become a partner? 

The Institute acts as one of the most influential players in the hospitality industry, operating to support and, in many ways, guide the industry to ever higher standards of professionalism and customer experience. For me, the Institute was always going to be part of the Bums on Seats family. I would like to think that our partnership is a two way process, both of us gaining from the opportunities brought about by sharing information and delivering high level expertise across the sector.

Amber is hosting an IoH webinar on 17 June at 3pm; Sales Re-Opening Plans in a New World!

Register to attend – even if the date has passed!


Amber Staynings – Founder

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