Quick guide to CPD by the CPD Certification Service

>>Quick guide to CPD by the CPD Certification Service

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the term used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities. It enables learning to become conscious and proactive, rather than passive and reactive.

CPD combines different learning methodologies, such as training workshops, conferences & events, e-learning programs, best practice techniques and ideas sharing, all focused for an individual to improve and develop. Published by the CPD Certification Service, this quick guide explains on the what, when, why and how of CPD.

Download the quick CPD guide here 

Record your CPD using our on-line CPD tool

The Institute of Hospitality requires all members to engage in CPD activities to ensure that they continue to represent the Institute as competent and knowledgeable professionals in their chosen specialist fields. Members are expected to keep a log of their activities using the on-line CPD tool in the members section of the website.

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