Petition to Parliament launched

>>Petition to Parliament launched

Relax freedom of movement laws to enable the UK hospitality industry to recover

Robert Richardson FIH, CEO of the Institute of Hospitality is supporting a petition to parliament to relax freedom of movement laws to enable the UK hospitality industry to recover.

The petition request is: The Government should ease immigration restrictions on EU nationals and other migrant workers with experience of working in the UK hospitality industry, at least temporarily, immediately. This could be achieved by creating a new hospitality visa or exempting non-UK nationals with relevant experience from immigration requirements.

Robert states:

“As our industry exits its greatest period of hardship in generations, we immediately find ourselves faced with a new challenge in staffing our operations.

“The shortage of available talent will bring additional, unnecessary, challenges to bear that will not just impact our ability to reopen and meet demand from a public that has missed us, but significantly diminish our contribution to the UK economy.

“A relaxation of the freedom of movement rules is the only sensible option to meet the challenge and allow our industry the ability to recover that it so badly needs.”

We encourage our Members to sign the petition by clicking on the link below.

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