New book: Cultivating the Hospitable Mind

>>New book: Cultivating the Hospitable Mind

Cultivating the Hospitality Mind is a new book by Leon Van Achterberg, senior professional training tutor and senior teaching fellow at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Surrey.

Dr Maria Gebbels MIH, senior lecturer in hospitality management at University of Greenwich, provides a review of the book:

“Cultivating the Hospitable Mind recognises the art of hospitality and takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery through the philosophical, psychological and hospitality-related dimensions. Are you a hospitality and/or human resource practitioner, an aspiring hospitality student, or a human being who practices hospitality in their everyday life? Then this book is a must-have. Not intended as an academic textbook, it helps the reader to clarify uncertainties of a career choice in the vibrant hospitality industry but perhaps, more importantly, it helps to improve our relational approach to humanity.

This book has been thoughtfully written by Dr van Achterbergh whose 30-year career equipped him with many invaluable experiences and moments of self-reflection which he shares with the reader. It is therefore a guide, for those passionate about hospitality, to gain better insights in to ‘why we do what we do in service to others’ and how to so well and mindfully. The reader, regardless of who they are, will undoubtedly find themselves questioning their own approach to hospitality whilst rediscovering its roots and consequently wanting to do hospitality better.

Structured on five essential service quality components – reliability, assurance, responsiveness, empathy and presentation, each chapter discusses what is at the core of each component by presenting useful hospitality illustrations and offering practical suggestions. This results in not only having a renewed understanding of our place in the world of hospitality, but most importantly in a renewed (hospitable) approach to our lives and careers.”

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