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Our company sponsored membership gives hospitality employers the opportunity to purchase membership for a group of their employees. Many companies are already on board and seeing the benefits of investing in the professional development of their staff. At a time when attracting and keeping good staff is essential, let us help you achieve that goal.

Company membership benefits to your company:

  • Business Webinars
  • Prestige brand association
  • Extensive E-resources, Research and Advice from industry leaders & publishers
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Use of the Institute of Hospitality logo (for your website and promotions)
  • Assists with RFP tenders = proof of professionalism of your staff
  • Networking Events – including 1 free place at AGM Annual Dinner and Awards (subject to conditions)
  • Reduced fees for our jobs board
  • 1 Free ‘Spotlight’ feature annually in HQ Magazine
  • Business credibility
  • Free stand at ‘Passion4Hospitality’ Annual Careers Fair
  • Dedicated account manager 

All members have full access to:

  • Business Webinars
  • Networking Events (Regional and National)
  • Publications, Management Guides
  • HQ magazine delivered quarterly
  • Insight newsletter
  • Post-nominal letters after their name (upon assessment) eg. AIH, MIH, FIH
  • Extensive E-resources, Research and Advice from top businesses and industry publishers via online knowledge centre
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • HR support and dedicated Enquiry Service


  • Reduced membership rates
  • Inflation proof rates – Fixed membership rates for 2 years
  • No registration fee
  • No upgrade fee in year one
  • One annual invoice

Make huge savings with company sponsored membership

Number of members Discount Total cost per applicant Total savings per applicant*
6-25 37% £110.00 £65.00
26-50 40% £105.00 £70.00
51+ 43% £100.00 £75.00

All prices shown are inclusive of VAT.

* Compared to the individual annual subscription fee for a Member (MIH). Free upgrade in year one to ensure your staff are at the correct membership level. The fee remains fixed for two years as per the table above. Thereafter, the discount applied shall be 10% of the overall invoice value.

Contact us:

If you would like to find out how your company can join us, contact

Alistair N Sandall FIH, Head of Professional Development, alistair.sandall@instituteofhospitality.org or call +44 (0)20 8661 4925

Here are some of the companies already sponsoring Institute of Hospitality membership for their staff.