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>>Institute of Hospitality – the future

The Institute of Hospitality is looking for a new chief executive to drive it into a post-Covid world with dynamism, acuity and creativity, says chair Kellie Rixon MBE FIH.

“The Institute has a strong foundation – we are respected, valued and understood; our members wear the letters after their name with pride. We have strong and fruitful relationships and partnerships throughout the hospitality industry, and our members range from students, who join in college, to people in their nineties; but because we are well established, the Institute can be viewed with nostalgia rather than a vital part of the future.

Taking on a new chief executive during the disruption of the pandemic is a fantastic opportunity to look at what happens next. We cannot control the coronavirus but we can certainly control how we emerge from it stronger, more vital and with purpose – and our leader will be that force”.

We are seeking a Chief Executive who will become the driving force of the Institute of Hospitality’s FIVE KEY STRATEGIES:

1. Driving membership and engagement

  • Create greater value for the individual and the organisation
  • Fully utilise the endless resources to enhance emotional connection with the IoH
  • Drive an ‘aspirational desire’ to becoming a member
  • Become THE professional partner, upholding industry standards and being the symbol of quality

2. Financial stability and growth

  • Futureproof the financial viability of the IoH as a charity
  • Initiate new sources of sustainable revenue, which drive membership
  • Influence commercial partnerships which shore up value on both sides

3. Education and accreditation

  • Push forward the IoH’s chartered status, becoming the kitemark for the industry
  • Drive the provision of education frameworks and programmes in collaboration with their partners
  • Convey expertise and skills from the team and membership in order to inform and educate the educators – helping to enhance and shape the learning agenda

4. Brand value

  • Enhance the brand values of an established body, moving it onwards and upwards
  • Develop and promote the IoH Brand to be more current and relevant to all sectors of the industry
    • Embody the pride and privilege an IoH membership represents – drive this culture and desire throughout the organisation and wider industry

5. Industry support and the wider impact

  • Strategically engaged with the wider hospitality sector
  • Re-establish industry partners, forging closer mutually beneficial relationships
  • Collaborate with the other industry charities and membership organisations

The Ideal Candidate:

We are looking for a CEO with strong and authentic leadership qualities. You need to demonstrate a high level of commercial nous and be brand savvy in order to look critically at the IoH, see where they are and where they need to go, as well as having the skills to get them there.

  • You will possess the wherewithal and charisma to galvanise the industry and deliver the Institute’s key strategies.
  • You will have a strong understanding of technology and the ability to ensure its use to considerable effect for a membership organisation
  • You will be energetic, inspirational and creative, not fearing to push the boundaries of an eighty three year old Institute!
  • You will have an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge of the hospitality industry
  • You will thrive on the challenge of change-management

Other responsibilities:

  • Management and direction of marketing initiatives including HQ Magazine
  • Management and direction of the IT strategy
  • Leadership and direction of the Senior Management Team, circa 10-12 personnel
  • Oversee and manage the Branch network activities, UK, Ire and International

If you would be proud to promote the Institute and its work and not shy away from identifying and rectifying what is not right, working with the IoH team and members to give the IoH a high profile, contemporary and dynamic position in the marketplace, then we would love to hear from you. Applications are open to anyone from any sector of the hospitality industry, whether that be leisure, foodservice, pubs or hotels.

Contact: Hannah Horler
Managing Director
07909 967 364

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