Independent Validation of Hotel Security

>>Independent Validation of Hotel Security

The Institute of Hospitality together with Business Partners Global Secure Accreditation has published this white paper which with the help of hoteliers, gives a risk based independent security standards for hotels. The standards are the world’s first truly independent system of hotel security accreditation, established and operated by highly experienced security experts and created in partnership with SFJ Awards (SFJ) a UK Government (Ofqual) approved standards awarding organisation.

The new ISO Standard (ISO 31030) being launched next year will place a requirement on travel managers to ensure there is independent assurance of hotel safety to be compliant with the standard. GSA standards will meet that challenge and are reassuring to all corporate buyers (with the ability to avoid security questionnaires and inspections by corporates when considering using hotels). The standards are practical and adjusted to take account of the risk profile of the hotel. GSA provide a highly professional brochure to accredited hotels which has been well received by hotels and found useful for sales and marketing activities. Accredited hotels receive access to the GSA membership platform which provides many additional benefits for hotels including on line role specific security training for hotel staff, hotel intelligence and access to best practice and guidance.

“Every hotel is concerned about security – for it’s guests and staff – for it’s assets and, regrettably against the threats of terrorism.This thought provoking white paper calmly examines the issues and looks at the benefits to be derived from external risk assessment.
Quite simply essential 21st Century reading for every hotelier.”
Peter Ducker FIH CEO

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