Hotel ICON raises the bar for socially-conscious hospitality

>>Hotel ICON raises the bar for socially-conscious hospitality

Hotel ICON is the home of the Institute of Hospitality Hong Kong Branch. The hotel’s general manager Richard Hatter FIH is also the chair of our Hong Kong Branch. Quite apart from being an award-winning design-led destination, Hotel ICON is a ground-breaking leading independent teaching hotel. Hospitality management students from Hong Kong Polytechnic work in the hotel as part of their studies and the Polytechnic fully owns the hotel.

As part of its ‘Thinking Green’ philosophy, Hotel ICON has consistently been at the forefront of sustainable practices. On 21 May 2019 Hotel ICON will host the Smart City, Smart Mobility Conference. The international conference will promote the viability of electric urban transport.

All conferences and events held at Hotel ICON are free to attend for members of the Institute.

Hotel ICON is proud to have been the first hotel in Hong Kong to make a 100% switch to electric transportation, using an electric shuttle bus, three Tesla model S and a BMW i3.

Here are further examples of Hotel ICON’s sustainable practices:

Indoor vertical garden

Hotel ICON is home to Asia’s largest indoor vertical garden that consists of over 8,603 plants with 71 species. Located above our lobby restaurant GREEN, the striking vertical garden is designed by renowned French botanist Patrick Blanc

First hotel in Hong Kong to adopt ORCA, turning food waste to water

Hotel ICON is the first in Asia to implement the ORCA technology that turns food waste into water. With the implementation of ORCA, Hotel ICON will divert 285 tonnes of food waste per year from landfills, recycle 135,000 litres of water per year, and reduce garbage truck diesel fuel usage and its CO2 emissions.

First Hotel in Asia to launch Impossible Burger

Hotel ICON was the first hotel in Asia to launch the Impossible Burger, a sustainable plant-based burger that is a game-changer for the food industry in conserving and protecting our planet. The best thing is it uses 74% less water, generates about 87% fewer greenhouse gases, and requires around 95% less land than conventional ground beef from cows.

First Hotel in Hong Kong to offer paperless check-in

When the hotel opened its doors in 2001, ICON became the first hotel in Hong Kong to introduce paperless check-in. It is not only speedy, but also saves many trees each year!

Filtered drinking water tap and recycled glassware in guestrooms

Reducing the use of plastic water bottles by installing an Ultra Filtration & Purification Drinking Water System, and having recycled carafes and glassware readily available to guests in guestrooms.

 Bathroom amenities with organic ingredients, biodegradable packaging and animal cruelty free

With certified organic ingredients, biodegradable packaging and animal cruelty free, APPELLES products is ICON’s choice as the brand is kind to the environment as they are to  guests.

100% cotton laundry bag

This month, Hotel ICON is saying  goodbye to plastic laundry bags. Hotel guests will instead be offered eco-friendly laundry bags, made 100% from cotton. This cloth laundry bag will further reduce a monthly consumption of 2,500 pieces of plastic laundry bags.

Hatter comments:  “We are focused on the future, balancing the short and long term to deliver a sustainable, profitable and helpful operation, which is a win-win for our guests, associates, partners, and the communities where we live and work. Over the seven years since our doors opened, we have been true to our original mission”.