Guardians of Grub – Stand Up For Food

>>Guardians of Grub – Stand Up For Food

Are you ready to Stand Up For Food?

STAND UP FOR FOOD month of action is here; the month-long challenge in September where heroes from across our industry join forces to fight food waste. Guardians – are you ready? Find out all about how to get involved by visiting and registering for updates!

Peter Ducker FIH, Chief Executive Institute of Hospitality, “Every hospitality organisation faces unrelenting pressure on its margins, including galloping food cost inflation. So any business not doing everything in its power to reduce food waste is quite simply not managing the business well enough. The IOH would urge businesses which are not focussed on reducing wasted food to start measuring progress, and to look at the resources they can use through the Guardians of Grub and make September about taking action. To ignore food waste is to continue damaging both their profitability, and their environmental impact.”

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