EMS Benefits

The Education Membership Scheme (EMS) provides currently enrolled hospitality, leisure and tourism students with:

  • Individual EMS Student (EMS) Membership
    Students’ first affiliation with the industry’s global professional body for individual hospitality managers and aspiring managers.

The following three SEPARATE but primary e-resources are available:

  1. e-Resources Collection - access to an extensive collection of e-books, e-journals and digital audiobooks via a single search box. The collection contains full content hospitality, leisure, tourism and business publications from globally-recognised publishers and authors. Download, e-mail and print e-journal articles or e-book materials free in compliance with applicable copyright. Borrow digital audiobooks and download to the technology of your choice, from a laptop to Android and Apple devices.
  2. Online Catalogue - holds a variety of electronic materials, proprietary Institute publications, web links to quality industry data and more! Use it to supplement your own in-house resources as well as the separate e-Resources Collection for comprehensive research on hospitality, leisure and tourism.
  3. Enquiry Service - provided by a qualified subject specialist librarian who offers a reference service. EMS students can contact the librarian at library@instituteofhospitality.org and must provide their name and EMS student membership number. 

Click HERE to view a list of our EMS student member benefits