Creating a Personal Brand – P4H 2020

>>Creating a Personal Brand – P4H 2020

Passion 4 Hospitality speaker Thomas Kilroy FIH talks to us with some hints of what to expect when he speaks at this year’s biggest IoH student event!

Passion 4 Hospitality is fast approaching… Hospitality Consultant and Director of Kitchen Sync Thomas Kilroy FIH will be on stage to share his perspectives in creating a personal and professional brand that can grow your value with potential employers. We talked to Thomas to find out a bit more about what he’s got in store and give you a feel for what promises to be a very engaging day of events and networking for students. It is certainly an occasion to have your personal brand on display, but have you every wondered what impact your personal brand can have on your career?

Thomas will be sharing his experience and perspective in crafting a personal brand during his hugely diverse and rewarding career spanning three decades.

He’ll be sharing 6 key principles and a number of practical tips to help students and apprentices in crafting a compelling personal and professional brand that can grow your value.

We asked him to share one of those principals ahead of P4H: Be the ‘YOU’ you need to be

Thomas explained:

“I was thinking of putting a slide up that says ‘Be You’. But that’s not how it works in real life. Simply being ‘you’ is not enough, because the ‘you’ on Snapchat is different to the ‘you’ on Facebook, which is different to the ‘you’ on LinkedIn, which is different again to the ‘you’ at home, or even the ‘you’ at home, but when relatives come round!’ In short, you need to adapt to your setting and audience.”

Putting that into a practical setting he goes on to say;

“If you are at an event that has attracted potential employers, then you need to be yourself, but also be on best behaviour at all times. In my experience, the best way to do this is to refrain if you can from that glass of wine and go for a soft drink instead. After all, one glass can lead to another and before you know it, you lose sight of the objective. Study the behaviour of the best networkers… they sip water and circulate, leaving in good time to avoid outstaying their welcome.

By all means go on to another venue afterwards to enjoy yourself, happy in the knowledge that you were the best ‘you’ that you needed to be in that networking event. That kind of first impression can pay off in bigger ways than you can expect… and more often than you expect too.”

To learn more about the art of creating a personal brand, book your FREE ticket to Passion4Hospitality where you can explore the topic in depth with Thomas and other speakers attending on the day. After all, each of them will have their personal brand on display too – helping showcase #P4H2020 as a truly great student networking event.