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Hospitality Assured is the quality standard created and licensed by the Institute of Hospitality specifically for customer led, service orientated, hospitality businesses. With our support, the Hospitality Assured process enables and encourages businesses to look at their operation through the eyes of the customer at every level of the organisation, identify what is great about your customer service and what can be improved.

The nine steps of the standard are the framework which our assessors use to measure service quality and benchmark. Businesses then use this information to monitor their progress towards achieving customer service excellence and optimising organisational performance.

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Quality is:

  • Understanding our Customers’ Expectations
  • Communicating what we offer
  • Leadership & support when needed
  • Meticulous planning and communication
  • Effectively managing resources
  • Engaging our teams and giving them endless possibilities
  • Sharing ideas to deliver a fantastic customer experience
  • Learning what we need to do better
  • A catalyst for improvement, a platform for change
  • Striving for excellence and disseminating what we know for the wider good
  • Celebration and endorsement when it’s deserved

Quality is Everything. Quality is Hospitality Assured

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