Institute of Hospitality Endorsement for Programmes of Learning

The Institute of Hospitality recognises that good quality training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) are provided by many education and training providers outside the Further and Higher Education sectors. The Institute aims to highlight the availability of such training and give learners confidence in their selection of materials and training programmes through the endorsement of exemplary learning products and programmes of learning. This is achieved by:

  • Ensuring that companies and individuals are able to source relevant and quality assured training and CPD programmes.
  • Helping individuals to develop their skills, knowledge and capabilities.
  • Assisting training providers to achieve quality standards in the development of their training products and programmes.
  • Endorsing eligible learning products and programmes of learning including training courses, e-learning and distance learning programmes.

Endorsement is recommended for training providers who would like to receive professional recognition for their learning products and programmes of learning, which may include management development programmes, training courses, online learning modules or innovative learning products.

Details on how to apply for endorsement can be found here: Applying for Endorsement

A list of endorsed programmes can be found here: Endorsed Programmes