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The Institute of Hospitality is the professional body for managers and aspiring managers working and studying in the hospitality, leisure and tourism industry. We have members working in every sector of the industry and in over 100 countries around the world.

Our primary purpose is to promote professionalism through lifelong learning. This is achieved through engagement with hospitality educators around the world, through our knowledge library resources and through a programme of professional development events.

We aim to support all our members at every stage of their career and help them reach their full potential. Every part of our broad industry is supported; Managers, students, educators and suppliers.

Established in 1938, we are managed as an educational charity and our resources include publications, management guides and research, covering both our industry and other management disciplines.

We are a member of the Council for Hospitality Management Education (CHME).


Membership of the Institute of Hospitality provides access to a wide range of benefits, promotes networking with industry contacts and helps members develop professionally to achieve their full potential.

For example, members are informed about pending legislative changes through Institute publications and events; lively seminars, webinars and networking events are held regularly; Institute e-Resources are available 24 hours a day and are easily-accessible to global members; and continuing professional development (CPD) tools, resources and events help members build successful hospitality management careers in this fast-moving, exciting industry.

As members grow and succeed in their careers, the Institute awards designatory letters after the names of Institute Associates (AIH), Members (MIH) and Fellows (FIH). These are recognised by the industry and acknowledge the members’ qualifications, industry experience and commitment to their careers.

Get the support you need and the recognition you deserve by joining the industry’s only professional body.

Join online now or call us on +44 (0)20 8661 4900.

Qualifications & Accreditation

The Institute offers a dedicated suite of nationally-accredited vocational management qualifications in hospitality, leisure and tourism. These are managed and delivered by the Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality.

The Institute is also a recognised and authoritative international body in the field of Accreditation and Endorsement for hospitality, leisure and tourism programmes of learning.

Hospitality Assured is the quality standard created by the Institute of Hospitality specifically for customer facing businesses. We enable businesses to reach and exceed their full potential by following world class processes, customer service standards and employee engagement. Great service doesn’t happen by accident.

Janus Foundation

In 2013, to mark the Institute’s 75th anniversary, the Janus Foundation was formed. Its principal objective is to provide practical support to young people as they embark upon their careers in the hospitality industry.

With much evidence to suggest that a considerable number of young people continue to leave the industry within their early years, it is clear that much more support is required if we are to help stem this ‘brain drain’. The aims of the Janus Foundation are therefore to:

• Create an active community of junior managers within the hospitality industry using social media channels.

• Provide careers advice and mentoring support to these junior managers, again using e-communications.

• Provide essential and specific ‘self-help’ tools to assist junior managers as they embark upon their careers within the industry.

• Provide cost-effective solutions to encourage and enable junior managers to access continuing professional development opportunities.

Why the ‘Janus Foundation’? Janus is the Roman god of gates and doors, of beginnings and endings. Most importantly, he stands atop the Institute’s crest emphasising his other role of offering welcome and hospitality. He has also come to symbolise the beginnings of important events in a young person’s life. So, for all these reasons, it is highly appropriate that his name should be associated with this new initiative from the Institute.

If you would like to make a donation to the Janus Foundation, or support in any other way, please email your contact details to info@instituteofhospitality.org and we will be in touch.

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